You set my soul alight

I just have to blog something now….just got to listen to MUSE over the phone…I know I know, it’s not at all like a first-hand, close up, live experience, but it still was PURE AWESOMENESS!!
I had just gotten out of the car when my phone rang, and I new it would be someone who’s at Frequency. So I dropped everything and picked up the phone…and there I heard it…Uprisingat full blast :D Thank god it was dark outside, because I put my phone on loudspeakers and actually started dancing around in our yard *lol* If someone had seen me he probably would’ve called the police^^ And right after Uprising came Supermassive Black Hole….aaaah how much I would give to be right there…
Yeah, I know I’ll see them soon anyway, but still…it was so weird this morning when I turned on the radio. They were talking about Frequency and then tonight’s headliners (Muse) and what an amazing show they are planning…..And then it hit me: MUSE is performing tonight in Austria. It somehow was like I heard it for the first time (although I’ve known it for months). It actually never mattered that much that I couldn’t go today, but this morning all of a sudden I wanted to go so badly! I was like a child that wants something but is not allowed to have it *lol* I know it’s really ridiculous, especially since I’ll see them anyway at Wembley (to which Frequency could never reach up to), but it still would’ve been nice to see them tonight…well, at least I got to hear them :D
And I’m sure that Saturday with 30 Seconds to Mars and Billy Talent will make up for today too :)

Now I’ll just go and wait for them to call me again…preferably during Plug in Baby, New Born, Hysteria or Cave(if they play it, which I doubt). Well, they could call me during every song, I wouldn’t mind ;P

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We no speak americano!

First things first. I added some photos from my trip to Washington D.C. to the gallery. Personally, I don’t think they’re as beautiful as my previous photos, but still I hope you like them :)

I’ve been really good today, because I was working on the text for my English-German Translation Seminar Paper… and you have no idea how time consuming that is :o
I only finished the first page of the story and it took me all afternoon :cry: It’s not like the text is too difficult, not at all, I have no problems understanding it, but understanding it and translating it into a  proper German sentence are two very different things…Sometimes I seriously doubt that German actually is my first language. It’s weird how you can get so much into English that after reading through it you are just not able to construct a grammatically correct German sentence anymore. Thank God I’m not the only one who feels like that *lol* Apparently, all my fellow students feel the same :D
Kind of sad though, while our English might be at a good level, we’re still not perfect and making probably still too many mistakes…and now we’re starting to fail in German too, so we aren’t really good at any language *lol* how depressing… ;)
No, well it’s not that bad, I eventually manage to get my grammar rules sorted, it just slows it down a little because I have to think over everything twice. Oh and choosing the right vocabulary is a pain in the a** I mean, you have several possibilities to choose from and you have to decide which one would fit best into the story…well, not difficult, unless you have a decision-making problem like me :?
Now it looks like I’m not enjoying this at all, when truth is, I actually really like translating. It’s after all why I decided to study English and not something else. But as always I have to nag about it, otherwise I wouldn’t be myself ;)

I also heard some good news today, or maybe they will turn into good news eventually. They tested the noise level at the stadium, which means if it went well, they might get the legal permission to host concerts there…and I’m definitely in favour of that :D
There have been many arguments and discussions about this stadium because of the circumstances under which it had been built. I totally understand that, because they certainly handled things wrong, but I just don’t see the point in building it back after it’s already there. They should just get off their lazy a**** and find a good solution to maintain it.
And the residents in this area should also stop complaining and shut up about it being unbearably loud during events because it just isn’t true…I should know since I live there. They are just slowing down the process… well, maybe they come to a conclusion soon.
Silly having such a stadium and only using it for football games once in a blue moon….I say: LET THERE BE ROCK!! ;)  

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A Miracle

I’ve just posted a new layout in the download section. Yes, this is really happening!! Can you believe it?? ;P
Well, I just thought after I managed to fix the download counter (and I’m really proud that I did it myself, my PHP skills are getting better and better :D ) I have to upload something to celebrate it :)
You can have a look at the layout here. Nothing special, but maybe someone has a use for it.
Apart from that I have a new affiliate which you should deffinitely visit!! :arrow: Pathetique

What else? Oh yes!!! Today in exactly one month I’ll be at Wembley Stadium listening to one of the craziest live bands ever…yes yes, I keep going on about this, but I’m just so looking forward to it. And that’s why I put a countdown here above. There’s no real point in that, I think it’s just fun :D

Well, now I’m going to explore the contents of the delivery I just got. I know that one part of the delivery is this:
Muhahaha…new buttons for my Button Bag :D

Right, that’s it for today. Take care!!

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Butterflies & Hurricanes

So, I’m back again with another graphics update. Again nothing new, they’re actually the header graphics from some of my old layouts. Two in the actors/actresses category and two in the misc. category. That’s it with updates today…

MUSE ButterflyTime is really flying by, the first week of August is gone…and today in two weeks time I’ll be already back from the Frequency Festival. Can’t wait for it….
And as you can see in the picture on the right on Friday my MUSE t-shirt finally arrived and I really love it :D Ready to go to Wembley in adequate MUSE attire :P

Oh, and while it might seem that I didn’t do anything this week, I was actually quite busy , but to be honest to me it also somehow feels like I didn’t do anything at all. I hate it when you do a lot of work, but you don’t really see the result of it…well, but you’ll see it eventually ;)

Anyway, it’s really cold (outside and inside) and it’s been raining heavily. I feel like watching a good movie so I’m going to grab a blanket, something to eat and make myself comfortable in front of the TV :D

So wish you a nice rest of the evening and I’ll be back soon with more

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Another one bites…

…no, not the dust, but me. What I mean by that is, I just got bitten by a dog. Well, it was partly my fault since I know that he bites when you try to hold him by his collar, but I had to…so he bit me. It didn’t look bad at first,  now it starts hurting more and more though.  Hence, I’m only typing with one hand, which is pretty annoying so I’ll just get to the point now:
 I added  four more graphics to the gallery (2 in music, 1 in movies and 1 in colorization). They’re not really new though. I just found them “lying around” on my hard disk, I’ve got files all over the place. I guess I should re-organise…
Anyway I’m gonna stop now, because it’s really painful…

Ps: I’m working on a new layout for the download section ;)

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