About This Layout

And another Coldplay layout...yes, I'm going to make something else soon ;)
But I think it doesn't hurt to make a Coldplay themed layout, since there are not that many around on the web ;P
Again featuring lyrics from one of their songs, in this case 'Politik' and the lovely Mr. Berryman :D
Well, I have to be honest though. Personally, I don't like this one that much...I don't know, maybe it's the colours or I don't know. But I still put it up with the hope that someone out there likes it and it'll find a nice home ;)
As always, respect the rules!!

August 30th 2010, Ana Nives Law

Using this Layout
  1. Download and unzip the file
  2. Open index.htm and add your content.
  3. Upload everything to your server.
  4. If any problems occur, feel free to contact me :)


Images by Coldplaying
Brush by Contagious

Copyrights & Credits
  1. Do not remove the link to my website.
  2. Do not render the layout and claim it as yours.
  3. You must list the the resources that have been used on this layout somewhere on your website.
  4. Do not use the layout or CSS coding as a base for your own layouts.