Her name is Ana Nives Law, aquarius, 22 years old. born on February 8th 1988 and lives in Austria, student. She loves web design and music, the English language and is absolutely obsessed with Lord of the Rings. [ ... ]

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About This Layout

Yes...this is really happening, a new layout^^
Well, the header for this one has actually been lying around for probably more than 2 years I think. It was actually meant to be for one of my projects, but I ended up using something else, so I thought I could make a new layout for the download section, so here we go :)
It's a very simple table layout featuring Coldplay with some pictures from their 'Talk' video and some shots from the X&Y era. It also features some lyrics from their song X&Y and that's why it's also called like that.
I really like the song, you should check it out ;)
Anyway, feel free to use it, but please respect the rules!

August 11th 2010, Ana Nives Law

Using this Layout
  1. Download and unzip the file
  2. Open index.htm and add your content.
  3. Upload everything to your server.
  4. If any problems occur, feel free to contact me :)


Images by Coldplaying
Brush by Moargh
Background Pattern by Hybrid Genesis

Copyrights & Credits
  1. Do not remove the link to my website.
  2. Do not render the layout and claim it as yours.
  3. You must list the the resources that have been used on this layout somewhere on your website.
  4. Do not use the layout or CSS coding as a base for your own layouts.

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