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Take what you want and leave the rest alone...

Some useful things for you :)

Feel free to use...

Icons, Wallpapers, Layouts and Brushes free for you to use, but please respect the copyright and read the Terms of Use first.

¬ Layouts
¬ Brushes
¬ Icons
¬ Wallpaper

You can take a picture of something you see...

A gallery with photographs I've taken myself. You MUST NOT use any of these pictures without my knowledge. If you want to use one of them, please contact me, but do not use the ones shown here in the gallery without asking. Thank you!

My Art of Expression...

Since graphic design is one of my hobbies I'm also using this space here to display some of my works. If you're interested have a look at them, but remember these are not meant to be used by you without my permission. Thank you!

Something to read...
For entertainment purpose only!

Here you'll find some light reading if you ever need to kill some time, or "if you have a couple of hours to spare" (as one of my professors used to say). These articles are not really general facts or information about things, but they're my opinion about certain things I'm interested in. They are not to be taken too seriously and you may always disagree with my opinion. :)
Some people might be interested, others might see it as total nonsense....Like it, or leave it...

¬ FunFacts (german only)
¬ Buchstabensalat (german only)
¬ London (german only)
¬ The Lord of the Rings
¬ Music
    Thirty Seconds to Mars
¬ Acting

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