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Thirty Seconds to Mars
Provehito in Altum

Well, I thought since 30STM joined the top three of my favourit bands, it's only fair to also write something about them :) However, I'm not going to tell you about the band's history because after all, what's Wikipedia for ;). I just want to tell you how I became a 30STM fan, because I remember exactly when it went from just liking their music to really loving it.
I actually "knew" the band already for a couple of years before I really got into the whole thing. When I say 'knew the band' I mean that I knew that a band with the name 30 Seconds to Mars exists and that Jared Leto is in it. That's about as far as my knowledge about them went. But I have to say that's not entirely my fault, since they don't have much claim to fame in Austria yet. For some weird reason the radio stations hardly play their music, which I don't understand at all. Ok, their first two albums might not have been Ö3(biggest radio station in Austria) material, but in my opinion This is War would fit exactly into their programme...but well, if they don't know what's good, then I can't help them ;)
Anyway, back to the story. While I was living in England I first heard their music, and it was always the same song. From Yesterday. I remember seeing the video on tv almost every week because it was always in one of these 'Best Videos of all Time' charts. I also remember that I really liked the video and the song, but for some reason (which I can't explain to myself today) I didn't take more interest in the band and their music, which I usually do if I hear a song I like.
Anyway, being back in Austria I didn't hear anything about them for a while, until This is War came out. There I remember seeing Kings and Queens on MTV (Germany that is) and again, I remember liking the song and the video, it was sometimes stuck in my head all day. But again....I didn't bother to listen to any of their other music (yeah I really don't know why -.-).
In March 2010 they gave a concert in Vienna, and a couple of days before the gig my cousin was offered a ticket by someone who couldn't go and she told me about it. I just thought then that it would be nice to go to a concert again, any concert, but I didn't have time anyway. (My cousin wasn't able to go either). I only heard afterwards that it was really good and I just thought to myself that it would have been nice to be there, even if I only knew two of their songs.
After that I didn't hear or think about 30STM much anymore, there was just so much else going on.
Yes, I'm coming to the end soon ;)
However, in June I coincidentally saw parts of their show from Rock am Ring (only on tv though) while I was actually waiting to see MUSE. And I have to say, I was kind of blown know I'm a huge fan of live concerts, I love going to concerts just because of the atmosphere (but of course mainly for the music^^). And the best thing at concerts, for me, is when the band is not just on stage doing their thing, but really interacts with the audience. And what Jared did there during The Kill, for example, really amazed me! You don't see musicians jumping into the crowd very often anymore, but I think it gives the whole thing something unique. He's really there, doing it for them, performing for them and not just for himself.
Anyway, that's when I started to get more interested. I went on youtube looking for more of their performances and whithin a few days I told myself that I have to get their album. And I did. I bought A Beautiful Lie and This is War. I would have also bought their first album if it had been available, but it's impossible to get where I live :(
And now I really get to the point *lol*
When I put it into my stereo for the first time and pressed play I remember thinking about something totally different and I was sorting some papers or something, BUT when Escape came to the point at 0:45 I remember freezing in my actions and my mouth dropping open....I was like "WHOOOOAAAAAAA" Literally...
This sound sent shivers through my body and I felt like...well, I can't really explain, but it was amazing ;)
Well, and that's exactly when it happened. I fell for 30 Seconds to Mars and their music at that exact moment. It was like if someone had flicked a probably don't undertstand what I mean, but I can't really find the words to explain this properly *lol*
I was listening to the rest of the album(and the other two) in awe and with every single song I thought it couldn't get better...but it did...and it probably always will...everytime I'm listening to it :)

Well, what do we learn from that?? If you like a song of a band, listen to their other songs IMMEDIATELY. If I had started looking for their music right after the first time I heard From Yesterday I might have become a fan much earlier *lol* Not that it really matters, but it's funny somehow ;)
If you're interested in them, just check out their website...and maybe you'll turn into a fan too (if you're not one already ;P) Even if you don't like one of their albums, just listen to the other albums, each of them is really different to the other and I think everyone would find at least one of them good.
And just another aside...through the music of 30STM I've met so many new and really kind people who I wouldn't want to miss in my be prepared, because listening to their music might even change your life!

30 Seconds to Mars


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