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The history in short details

Name: Twilight Visions
Online since:
own server since:
Webmistress: Ana Nives Law
Contact: green-eyes {at}

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Current Layout
believing, dreaming and screaming^^

Version 21.0: the Believer, the Dreamer, the Screamer
800x600+, PHP, div, CSS, javascript

Oh there we go....after a way too long time I finally managed to take my time and create a new design for TV. Who would've thought that, huh? ;)
Now, after the last one consisted only of pictures I took myself, this one doesn't contain any of my own pictures *lol* I just really felt the urge to make a layout that has these three guys on it. In case you didn't recognise them: the Believer is Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, the Dreamer is Chris Martin from Coldplay and the Screamer (*lol* I just love that one^^) is Matt Bellamy from MUSE. I chose them because these three bands (and people) have inspired me with their music many many times and so I felt obliged to give them a small tribute :)
However, I have to admit that on this layout these three didn't seem to help me at all. It took me ages to decide what to do with them and to be honest, I'm not a 100% satisfied with the's a bit minimalistic, nothing too fancy, but that isn't essentially a bad thing, right? Anyway, it was the best I could come up with at the moment. I'll have to live with that and maybe the MUSE will 'kiss' me again one day(hopefully very soon).
The title, however, really was inspired by one of the three bands, namely 'Vox Populi' by 30STM, which has the line 'did you ever believe, were you ever a dreamer' in it, I just added the screamer :). The title simply refers to these guys and you might wonder why I gave them these titles...Well, I remember good old Jared referring to himself as a believer, so that was an easy one. Chris and Coldplay's music, to me, have something the Dreamer. And the fantastic Mr. Bellamy? Well, if you have ever listened to any of the earlier MUSE songs you will know why ;)

Design Credits:

Pictures: x; and Google^^
Brushes: x; x; and my own
Material: x; x; x; x;

Past Layouts
The past is not entirely forgotten...

If you look at the date you'll see Twilight Visions has been online for quite a there are already plenty of past designs that once graced this website. Follow this way to get to the 'Layout Cemetery' of TV.

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