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Welcome to Twilight Visions
Me, myself...and I

Hello and welcome to my private website Twilight-Visions [dot] Net. As the subtitle might already tell you, this website is about 'me, myself...and I' (yes I'm being really self-obsessed here^^), that is Ana Nives Law and the things I'm interested in.
Nevertheless, a website solely about me might be slightly boring for other people, so there has to be something in it for you as well, right? And of course, there is loads of (hopefully) interesting stuff for you to take away.
Just take a look around and maybe you even leave a short comment for me...I'd like that ;)

Ana (eileanskye)

Note: This website is not in anyway related to the Twilight Series.

Random Musings
of a curious mind...

my little darlings…

Well, I’m not going to bother anyone with any excuses about not having written for over more than a year…..I do feel bad about it, although I also do know that it is quite unlikely that anyone is reading this here anyway. If anyone happens to stumble on this website nowadays it is more likely by pure coincidence or accident. However, the reason for me feeling bad about not having written anything is, because this once used to be my biggest passion. This website and my other Tolkien-related one. Now they’re both somehow abandoned and that’s what makes me feel a little bad as well as sad. I could never close either of them down completely, I’ve put too much time and work into both (and not to mention that both of them have been online for around 10 years now!! it feels a little like they’re my children^^ they certainly are my little darlings :D ), but I don’t seem to find enough time and creativity to do something productive with them. Nevertheless, I do not want to give either of them up and that’s why I’ll make a resolution (it being the beginning of a new year and everything) although I hardly ever keep them. But the resolution is to do something, no matter what or when, with either of the websites, so they don’t die completely. What it is going to be I don’t know yet…I’m, as always, waiting to be kissed by the muse of creativity…. ;)

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Shame on me…

I know, I know…I’m a terrible person…haven’t updated in months *walks over to a corner to stand there in shame*
I’ve just been really busy with all sorts of stuff, the new job, moving, uni etc…but I won’t bore you with my excuses now. Just felt like letting you know I’m still alive *lol* And lately I’ve been thinking about doing an update again, meaning: I might change the layout…but I’m not going to say I’ll do it soon…because we all know that ‘soon’ means ‘some unspecified time in the near or maybe not so near future” But just watch the space…something will happen eventually ;)

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A Photograph of You and I

Ok, yes…I know, it’s been a while again…always the same. I’ll never change :P
BUT I’ve been good and brought an update with me this time :D I uploaded some photos to the gallery. I still left the D.C. pics there…although I still don’t like them. So the new photos: A few are from my week in Rome last summer, when I visited my aunt. The other photos are from the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert I went to in December (as I already told you).
So if you’re interested: the concert was amazing!!! Meeting them was great, I was really excited all day long and when they finally entered the room I was like 8O ”wow…is this really happening?” They’re such great guys and although I couldn’t talk that much with them I was glad I could say something at all and I really hope that I’ll meet them again one day, even if I have to buy another GT (I’m already saving money *lol*)

Me & the Mars boys :D

was it a dream? is this the only evidence that proves it. a photograph of you and I

By the way, that pic up there, that’s my photo I got together with the guys (obviously XD)…and I gotta say, I really really love it :D And the line from their song “Was it a dream” is really fitting as a caption for this pic. Well, Christmas holidays are over…got some time off during the first two weeks, but this week I’ve already been busy again with my linguistics project (for which I’ve already got some interesting submissions from people, thank you for that!!) and work.
Tomorrow very very early start :cry: and back to uni for one(!!) course…does not really make sense, but oh well…and then afterwards off to work. So I better get this posted now and then off to bed otherwise I’ll be a very sleepyhead tomorrow…and I need my brain to pay attention ;) Wish you all a good night and let’s hope I’ll make another update soon, but I’m not making any promises XD
Oh and I almost forgot: Happy New Year everyone 

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My Golden Ticket to Mars

I wish I could start this post of with something fun, or an update…but I can’t…nothing fun lately, and no update either, because I just don’t have the time to do anything at the moment.
There’s so much stress at uni…and I’m really starting to hate it again. Yesterday I started to feel a bit like I did two years ago, well it wasn’t that bad, I guess just a short moment of panic…but I got really scared for a moment that it would go back to that. But if it goes on like it is at the moment I’m afraid that it will eventually happen.
However, there is one spark of hope that I have and I think that this might actually help me to stay out of this “black hole”. I’ve got a Golden Ticket(VIP ticket) for the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert on December 7. Concerts always help me to get away from all that stress and help me to feel like I don’t have anything to worry about at least for one evening. I know it will be awesome and I’m so looking forward to not only meeting the band, but also all the lovely Echelon I met on twitter. This is going to be a concert I’ll never forget :)

Ps: I couldn’t resist putting up a countdown again lol

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Into the Wild

Yes, I admit…I’ve been neglecting poor Twilight-Visions.Net over the last two months a lot…and I’m really really sorry about this, but I’m not doing it on purpose :P
As I already said, work was taking up pretty much all my time during September and now I’m back at uni again and the usual “beginning of the semester-madness” immediately kicked in.
However, my guilty consciouns has been growing bigger and bigger over the last week, so I thought it’s finally time for an update :D Yes, you’ve heard right, AN UPDATE :P
And here it is :arrow: a new layout for you to download Into the Wild :D
A special treat for the 30STM fans :D I hope someone likes it and gives it a good home, would be a shame to let this gather dust on my hard disk. :)
Well, that’s it, that’s all I’ve got for today sorry :? I don’t have that much time to do new stuff, but I’ve still got some photos for the gallery to upload. However, I’m also thinking about taking the Washington D.C. pics from the gallery, they’re not really good I think…they don’t fit into the gallery :? But watch the space for the new photos :)

Into the Wild, that could also be a suitable title for the start of this semester. Uni this semester literally is madness!! After the good review for our English department last semester, the student numbers have doubled, all the people from Vienna are coming here and it is….slightly annoying me. The good thing about our English department was that we were a small department where you were not just treated as a number. But now people are fighting to get into courses because there are so many students and not enough staff….it’s frustrating :cry:
Other than that I’m enjoying it so far….which is very unusual for me. I’m just waiting for the big crash that will throw me back into this miserable mood I usually have during the semester…but maybe, just maybe it will be different this time. Let’s hope :neutral:

So, I’m gonna go now, see if I can get some graphic design done…although my muse seems to have gotten lost somewhere. If you find it, please return to me ;)

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