My Golden Ticket to Mars

I wish I could start this post of with something fun, or an update…but I can’t…nothing fun lately, and no update either, because I just don’t have the time to do anything at the moment.
There’s so much stress at uni…and I’m really starting to hate it again. Yesterday I started to feel a bit like I did two years ago, well it wasn’t that bad, I guess just a short moment of panic…but I got really scared for a moment that it would go back to that. But if it goes on like it is at the moment I’m afraid that it will eventually happen.
However, there is one spark of hope that I have and I think that this might actually help me to stay out of this “black hole”. I’ve got a Golden Ticket(VIP ticket) for the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert on December 7. Concerts always help me to get away from all that stress and help me to feel like I don’t have anything to worry about at least for one evening. I know it will be awesome and I’m so looking forward to not only meeting the band, but also all the lovely Echelon I met on twitter. This is going to be a concert I’ll never forget :)

Ps: I couldn’t resist putting up a countdown again lol

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