A Photograph of You and I

Ok, yes…I know, it’s been a while again…always the same. I’ll never change :P
BUT I’ve been good and brought an update with me this time :D I uploaded some photos to the gallery. I still left the D.C. pics there…although I still don’t like them. So the new photos: A few are from my week in Rome last summer, when I visited my aunt. The other photos are from the Thirty Seconds to Mars concert I went to in December (as I already told you).
So if you’re interested: the concert was amazing!!! Meeting them was great, I was really excited all day long and when they finally entered the room I was like 8O ”wow…is this really happening?” They’re such great guys and although I couldn’t talk that much with them I was glad I could say something at all and I really hope that I’ll meet them again one day, even if I have to buy another GT (I’m already saving money *lol*)

Me & the Mars boys :D

was it a dream? is this the only evidence that proves it. a photograph of you and I

By the way, that pic up there, that’s my photo I got together with the guys (obviously XD)…and I gotta say, I really really love it :D And the line from their song “Was it a dream” is really fitting as a caption for this pic. Well, Christmas holidays are over…got some time off during the first two weeks, but this week I’ve already been busy again with my linguistics project (for which I’ve already got some interesting submissions from people, thank you for that!!) and work.
Tomorrow very very early start :cry: and back to uni for one(!!) course…does not really make sense, but oh well…and then afterwards off to work. So I better get this posted now and then off to bed otherwise I’ll be a very sleepyhead tomorrow…and I need my brain to pay attention ;) Wish you all a good night and let’s hope I’ll make another update soon, but I’m not making any promises XD
Oh and I almost forgot: Happy New Year everyone 

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