my little darlings…

Well, I’m not going to bother anyone with any excuses about not having written for over more than a year…..I do feel bad about it, although I also do know that it is quite unlikely that anyone is reading this here anyway. If anyone happens to stumble on this website nowadays it is more likely by pure coincidence or accident. However, the reason for me feeling bad about not having written anything is, because this once used to be my biggest passion. This website and my other Tolkien-related one. Now they’re both somehow abandoned and that’s what makes me feel a little bad as well as sad. I could never close either of them down completely, I’ve put too much time and work into both (and not to mention that both of them have been online for around 10 years now!! it feels a little like they’re my children^^ they certainly are my little darlings :D ), but I don’t seem to find enough time and creativity to do something productive with them. Nevertheless, I do not want to give either of them up and that’s why I’ll make a resolution (it being the beginning of a new year and everything) although I hardly ever keep them. But the resolution is to do something, no matter what or when, with either of the websites, so they don’t die completely. What it is going to be I don’t know yet…I’m, as always, waiting to be kissed by the muse of creativity…. ;)

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