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It's like a Rush of Blood to the Head

When I'm talking about Coldplay to other people they are mostly bored. It's not that they don't like their music, they do. Many people do (and of course still many people don't, and that's also fine). But when I'm talking about Coldplay it's not just like 'oh that's a good song', no I always start rambling about several songs, pick songlines, talk about them, talk about what this song means to me and what I connect with it and and and and....people don't want to hear that... They might like the music, but that's it.
I however, love it...ever since I heard Clocks for the first time...yes, I just love pianos. :)
For me, Coldplay's music is just really important, because I've been listening to it for many years and it was always a kind of comfort to me. I can find a Coldplay song for every situation in my life. Yellow and The Hardest Part, along with Green Eyes, Speed of Sound and Amsterdam (and just too many others which I won't name because the list would get too long) just carry so much meaning for me. It's probably not the meaning Chris Martin intended when he wrote the songs. However, that's exactly what I like about their songs. You can interpret anything into it. Of course, you can do it with songs of other bands as well, but so far I've never found another band that wrote so many songs that fitted so perfectly into my life. I once said, that if my life had a soundtrack, it should be mainly written by Coldplay *lol*
Another thing, I really like Chris Martin's voice. You have to like falsetto, not everyone does, but I do. I really love his singing and not only the falsetto parts. He just can convey so much emotion with his voice without sounding ridiculous.
Generally, I also like Coldplay just because they are so down to earth. No star affectations, no's all about the music and I think that's the most important thing.
I know there is also a lot of criticism, but that's normal, and not always bad. Anyway, in my opinion their music is still beautiful and...I find it always really difficult to explain what I feel about it (I'm not even going to try now), I guess that's probably why people get bored listening to me when I talk about Coldplay. I stopped doing that anyway. And that's why I decided to write this short article on my website, just to show my appreciation for them and their music.



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