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The Space-Rock Invaders from Teignmouth, there is really so much to say about MUSE. Anyway, I'm going to spare you the details about when they got together, when they released which album etc. You can find information about that on many other websites. I'd rather tell you what I think/like about MUSE. However, I will give you the link to the MuseWiki, because I really like that one myself. It's fun and interesting to read through it, so if you're interested, go this way.
Now back to what I have to say about them.
The first MUSE song I ever heard was Feeling Good, I was about 15 back then, and I actually stumbled across that song by coincidence while I was actually looking for another version of that song. However, I really liked their take on it and I even forgot that I was actually looking for a different version. Anyway, I got interested in what other songs they have and so the next one I heard was Plug in Baby. Oh my....I was in awe!! That guitar riff was one of the best I had ever heard and I immediately declared that I'm going to like that band *lol* Well, just to be sure I also listened to their other songs, because you don't want to like a band just for one songe, right?^^ But of course, I loved their other songs just as much.
I think their music is just really unique. And what I also find incredible about it, each instrument part has something extraordinary to it. With some bands it's sometimes the case that only one part is really outstanding. They either have a kick-ass drummer, or guitarist and the rest is average. With MUSE however, I think all three of them are just really badass *lol* At least that's my opinion. I think Dom is an amazing drummer, although I have to say I'm not a drum expert, but he always delivers a spot on performance, what you hear on the album, you will also hear at the concert and I think that's important. I also really like Chris' bass parts (especially in Hysteria). Again, I'm not an expert on how to play a bass guitar, but it sounds kick-ass and that's all I care about ;P
Well, and the incredible Mr. I really have to say something there? Yes, I do^^
In my opinion, Matt Bellamy is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard of. He's a genius!! I love his style on the guitar, he's not afraid to experiment and I just love it when he plays the piano (yes, the good old piano again...I just love it). He'd make a pretty good classical pianist as well *lol* I just love this middle section in Butterflies&Hurricanes. And his random improvisations....He's also a very talented composer/songwriter, just incredibly talented! Right, I'm gonna stop here. I guess you get the idea that I'm totally worshiping him because of his musical skills^^
I'm not going to start naming favourite songs now, because that would include almost every song they have ever released (only with a few exceptions). So just see me as a person who is really obsessed with their music. I'm a thoroughbred Muser :)
But there is one more thing I should mention. When I first saw one of their live performances (unfortunately only on tv), it was like listening to Plug in Baby for the first time again...I was totally in awe. They are deservedly one of the best live bands ever. They might not be as interactive with their audience, as other bands are. Personally, I really like it when a band really interacts with the audience, talks to them, encourages them, etc. However, with MUSE that is different. There is no need for them to do this, their performances are just so incredible that you wouldn't be able to process what they're talking anyway. At least that's my experience *lol*
Anyway, if you ever have the chance to see MUSE live, please go see them!!! And hopefully it will only be the first of a lifetime of close Muse encounters :)



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