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Terms of Use
there have to be rules...

Before you start using material from my website, please read through the terms of use .

for graphics, tutorials, materials, articles, etc....

  1. No copying/direct-linking/stealing!!
  2. Do not remove credit or watermarks.
  3. Do not claim to be the author of my resources.
  4. Don't publish any of my articles or tutorials on your website without my permission.
  5. All materials, designs, graphics may be used if credit information is given and linked to this website.
  6. This is not a 'must do' but if my tutorials helped you, I would also appreciate a mention ;)

all website layouts/designs created by me...

  1. Do not remove credit or watermarks.
  2. Please do not copy my CSS styles in on of your own layouts. Be creative!!
  3. All credits for brushes, other materials, etc. (which I already put there) have to be stated somewhere.
  4. You may adjust the coding of a layout in order to make it work with e.g. a script. But do not render it and claim to have made it yourself.
  5. Extras that come with layouts are free to use (e.g. write your domain on a button)

all wallpapers, icons, etc...

  1. Feel free to use my wallpapers and icons, but give me credit.
  2. You may also use them for your own layouts/designs, but again: credit!!
  3. Do not offer any of my graphics or brushes to download on your website.
  4. Long story short: You may use any resource from my problem, as long as you give me credit! :)

Thanks for taking your time to read this! Really appreciated!!


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