A Miracle

I’ve just posted a new layout in the download section. Yes, this is really happening!! Can you believe it?? ;P
Well, I just thought after I managed to fix the download counter (and I’m really proud that I did it myself, my PHP skills are getting better and better :D ) I have to upload something to celebrate it :)
You can have a look at the layout here. Nothing special, but maybe someone has a use for it.
Apart from that I have a new affiliate which you should deffinitely visit!! :arrow: Pathetique

What else? Oh yes!!! Today in exactly one month I’ll be at Wembley Stadium listening to one of the craziest live bands ever…yes yes, I keep going on about this, but I’m just so looking forward to it. And that’s why I put a countdown here above. There’s no real point in that, I think it’s just fun :D

Well, now I’m going to explore the contents of the delivery I just got. I know that one part of the delivery is this:
Muhahaha…new buttons for my Button Bag :D

Right, that’s it for today. Take care!!

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