Supermassive Wembley Show

At exactly this time last week I walked inside Wembley fucking Stadium and waited for one of the most amazing live bands, the space-rock invaders from Teignmouth, to enter the stage….and let me tell you it was one of the most amazing (if not THE most amazing) concerts I’ve ever been to!!!
We were there quite early to see all the supporting bands and it was totally worth it, because all three of them were absolutely great!! First up I Am Arrows, then The White Lies and finally just before MUSE came up we saw Biffy Clyro.
Then finally and really unexpectedly the lights went out, we heard sirens and people with flags started marching in and rain started pouring down. It was crazy, apocalyptical, very MUSE-like!!!! :D There they were, those three little men in this huge stadium filled with thousands of people who would go crazy to the sound of their music.
They started with Uprising and immediately the whole stadium was singing along with their fists in the air “THEY WILL NOT FORCE US!”
It was so weird, during the whole time I couldn’t really believe that I was actually there!! It was so amazing and of course they delivered a crazy show including a mobile stage, a UFO with an “alien” coming out of it and a Matt Bellamy in a flashing red suit and his flashing blue glasses. :D
I went through many goosebumps moments during the concert, e.g. when Matt stopped singing during Starlight and the whole stadium continued singing the refrain or when they played Man with a Harmonica and and and and…there were too many to name them, and to be honest, most of it (unless I watch video recordings of it) is in a blur….I was there, but it all seemed so unreal. Me and Mel only seemed to realise it the next day that we actually went to Wembley Stadium to see MUSE. I know it sounds crazy XD And it was so weird to see people walking around in MUSE t-shirts all over the city. London is huge, but wherever you went you were sure to see someone you’ve spent last night with at Wembley. That was really weird and funny somehow.
And even if it’s all a little in a blur, I will never forget this truly unforgettable night!!! I can only say again that MUSE deservedly bears the title of being one of the best live bands ever!!!

Well, that’s all I can say for now…it’s been a really busy week. I got back from London on Tuesday and had to go back to work already on Wednesday. I was/am seriously sleep deprived and had no time to do anything fun…so today I’m just trying to ‘recover’ a little. I’ll be back with more news and updates asap :)

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