I thought it was about time that I added an article about Thirty Seconds to Mars to the music section since I’ve “elevated” them to the level of my favourite bands a while agao :) Well, as always it’s not really information about the band, but what I think about it….or in this case how I became a fan of this band.
I haven’t had much time to do anything enjoyable this week since I’ve been working most of the time. I know I always complained about my tutoring job, but the job I started last week is a thousand times worse…trust me. Driving around to find the most remote houses in this area, knocking on hundreds of doors, getting barked at by countless dogs, asking stupid questions no one wants to answer and handing out light bulbs…sounds like the job of my dreams!! :eek: Plus: when I’m done with it I have to hurry to Völkermarkt, eat my lunch so fast that I almost choke on it and give tutoring lessons :eek: :eek:
But I shouldn’t be complaining, I should be thankful to have these jobs…and after all the first one is only for one month.
After this very stressful week I refused to do any work this weekend. So today I went for a very long walk to the “caves” where me and my cousins always used to play when we were kids. I almost didn’d find it because the area changed so much (well, I guess trees grow a lot in 14 years time :P )
But anyway it was nice to be there and remember all the games we used to play there. I wanted to take some pictures, but the battery of my phone died before I could :( But I’m planning on going there again soon before it gets too cold. Hope I’ll have time for it.
Next weekend I deffinitely won’t have time since I’ll be in London :D Yay!! I’m sooooo looking forward to it. Can’t wait for this week to be over (although it hasn’t even started yet :eek: ) It’s probably going to be a busy week, I’ve got loads on my schedule…so let’s just hope it’ll pass quickly and then I can enjoy my short trip to my beloved English country :D

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