Layout for you, ticket for me :)

Hello there!! I was thinking it’s time for an update…and her it is: A new layout!! Two layouts in one month, when was the last time that happened on TV, huh? ;)
Well, it’s certainly not one of my favourites, but oh well…I cannot always produce a masterpiece, right? ;P
Hm…other than that I have nothing really interesting to say. I started tutoring again…and it’s still the same pain in the a**. It’s just so annoying when you’re trying to teach people English who don’t really give a shit…but hopfully I won’t have to do it much longer.

Oh, almost forgot!! There is something more interesting…at least for me ;) After two months of waiting my MUSE tickets for Wembley finally arrived today!!
I just love looking at them *lol* Well, not much longer and I’ll be there!!

Well, with that I’ll leave you until the next time :)

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