Thirty Seconds to WTF!!

Reporting back from Frequency Festival:
OMFG it was…great…unbelievable…awesome…just fucking amazing!!! The weather, the people, THE BANDS!!! Everything was just perfect! And I got to stand second row :D Mission almost accomplished! It wasn’t front row, but second row is almost the same :P Especially, since I only went to the stage at around 4 pm when there already were quite a few people there, but I still somehow ended up at the front :D
Well, at first it was just the waiting part, the bands weren’t too bad, but not exactly my favourites…and annoyingly loud. I really should’ve taken “Ohropax” with me. But I made friends with some really nice people while waiting :)
And then at 7.50 pm Thirty Seconds to Mars finally came on stage…they were really great!! Their whole show and how they got the audience going!! It was crazy and it literally took me only 30 seconds (well, maybe even less) to think “WTF, how crazy is this” ;) After their show I looked like I had taken a shower I was sweating so much from all the jumping and dancing…well, everyone was, which makes it really disgusting but I guess no one really cared at that moment *lol*
I (and I think everyone else) was just a little disappointed that they had to cut short on The Kill because they didn’t have time anymore :( But nevertheless a really great concert which I won’t forget :) Plus, they played Attack, which is one of my favourites, so thank you Thirty Seconds to Mars :D
After them came Billy Talent who where also brilliant. Sometimes they seemed a bit off and I think towards the end Ben had troubles with his voice (no surprise, singing like that can’t be healty for your voice), but nevertheless I think they were great, at least I really enjoyed it!! But the difference to 30STM was that while during 30STM you were able dance and jump and do things, there was no way you could even move during Billy Talent. It was so packed I couldn’t even reach into my bag to get my camera out…
Well, after they were done I wanted to get out, I just needed to sit down somewhere because during Billy Talent I already got cramps in my legs…which wasn’t very pleasent. So after the security managed to pull me out of the crowd I got something do drink and sat down for a while…and then finally went back to find my friends again. We then only watched half of Die Toten Hosen and then went back to the caravan park, because I was totally done for. Nevertheless, I couldn’t sleep all night which means I was up until the next morning when my train arrived at 9.30 am. :o  On the train I got at least some sleep and arrived at 3.15 pm at the train station in Klagenfurt.
Those were two long and exausting days….and you won’t believe how much my calves hurt today there where I had the cramps (I had them all through the nigth), I can hardly stretch them, and that’s just because I was standing there all the time trying not to get pushed away…but it was totally worth it, I would do it again anytime. :D
And I got a new t-shirt as you can see :) I didn’t plan on buying any t-shirts, but when I was walking to the stage I saw this and I just couldn resist ;) I just think it would even look better if there was the triad on it, too…but oh well, I still love it ;P

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