Frequency, here I come!

Time for another update. I uploaded six new icons. Nothing too fancy. And here they are:

Yes, it’s Mr Leto again :D Hope you like them and maybe even use them.

Well, tomorrow morning I’m off to Frequency Festival. I’m taking the train and I should arrive in St.Pölten at around 1pm. Then a quick drive to the festival area, pick up my wristband, finding my friends and then off to the Race Stage trying to get a spot right at the front. (Which shouldn’t be too difficult at that time, I guess)
I’m so looking forward to it, I’m sure it’s going to be great…I just love concerts, I would like to describe what going to a concert means to me, but I don’t have the time for it now. But I will include a short text which I once came across coincidentally on this tumblr account. And I think it describes spot on what I feel, I could have written it myself:

Have you ever noticed that when youre at a show, you literally forget everything? While you’re there, nothing fucking matters in the world except for you, the band, and the people with you, and sometimes not even them. It’s like therapy for broken souls and broken hearts, broken people. Hearing the songs live is so much different from hearing them through your speakers. You can see the emotion on the singers face, feel the drum beats and basslines thundering through your body. The entire room moves, sometimes as one and sometimes as hundreds of different people. It’s an escape from reality, because sometimes reality sucks so much that the only place to get away from it is to go to a dark room with hundreds of other people that you don’t think you know. But really, who you probably have a lot more in common with than you think. So you sit through the first few bands. Maybe you know them, maybe you don’t. But then it’s time for the headliner, and you can feel the anticipation teeming in the room. Your heart beats faster, you can just feel it coming. It’s like the calm before the storm, because when the band walks onto the stage, you can just lose it. And headlining bands almost always have an epic way of walking onto the stage. Sometimes its the drummer first, drumming beats that hit straight to your core, and other times, they file out one by one, to increasing screams from the crowd. But when that first note is sung from the first song they play, everything slips your mind. It’s just you, the band, and everyone there with you, there for the same reason – release. A release from stress. From worry. From pain. From crying. From all that shit in your life, you escape from it. You scream the words at the top of your lungs like it’s all you’ve got left to hold onto. It’s the best feeling in the world, especially if it’s something you desperately need.

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