You set my soul alight

I just have to blog something now….just got to listen to MUSE over the phone…I know I know, it’s not at all like a first-hand, close up, live experience, but it still was PURE AWESOMENESS!!
I had just gotten out of the car when my phone rang, and I new it would be someone who’s at Frequency. So I dropped everything and picked up the phone…and there I heard it…Uprisingat full blast :D Thank god it was dark outside, because I put my phone on loudspeakers and actually started dancing around in our yard *lol* If someone had seen me he probably would’ve called the police^^ And right after Uprising came Supermassive Black Hole….aaaah how much I would give to be right there…
Yeah, I know I’ll see them soon anyway, but still…it was so weird this morning when I turned on the radio. They were talking about Frequency and then tonight’s headliners (Muse) and what an amazing show they are planning…..And then it hit me: MUSE is performing tonight in Austria. It somehow was like I heard it for the first time (although I’ve known it for months). It actually never mattered that much that I couldn’t go today, but this morning all of a sudden I wanted to go so badly! I was like a child that wants something but is not allowed to have it *lol* I know it’s really ridiculous, especially since I’ll see them anyway at Wembley (to which Frequency could never reach up to), but it still would’ve been nice to see them tonight…well, at least I got to hear them :D
And I’m sure that Saturday with 30 Seconds to Mars and Billy Talent will make up for today too :)

Now I’ll just go and wait for them to call me again…preferably during Plug in Baby, New Born, Hysteria or Cave(if they play it, which I doubt). Well, they could call me during every song, I wouldn’t mind ;P

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